Application advice to ensure successful EPDM projects

Published: 23 May 2024
Updated: 23 May 2024

As part of H.B. Fuller Construction Adhesives, we now offer a complete portfolio for professionally securing EPDM membrane: adhesives, primers, sealants & tapes. Here we offer our application advice to ensure successful EPDM projects.

H.B. Fuller Construction Adhesives is a leading manufacturer of roofing adhesives, primers, sealants and tapes, with over 20 years of experience in this sector.

H.B. Fuller Roofing Brands

Key strategic acquisitions across the globe mean H.B. Fuller Construction Adhesives has the proven portfolio you need and the infrastructure to deliver:

Millennium is a complete range of roofing adhesives, primers, sealants and tapes. Created to enable the roofing industry to adapt to ever evolving regulations.

Apollo Roofing is a proven leader in private-label high-performance adhesives, liquid coating and primers products – and committed to developing solutions for industry issues.

Your complete portfolio for professionally securing EPDM membrane

Adhesives: spray-applied products for precise and fast application; high-strength traditional roll-applied products, developed for detail work; and solvent-free and water-based options, ideal for occupied and residential buildings.

Primers: brush/roll-applied and spray-applied products for AVCL, SA membrane and torch-on systems, as well as high-tack primers developed specifically for use with EPDM tape systems.

Sealants: edge sealants for securing exposed edges; water block mastics for providing a long-term moisture barrier; and fast-curing multipurpose sealants.

EPDM Pressure-Sensitive Tapes: seam tapes to create effective watertight seams; flashing tapes developed for difficult joining and 3D details; multipurpose cover strips to cover, protect and seal; and perimeter strips, developed specifically for the sealing the perimeter.

We work together with system suppliers to ensure the compatibility of the adhesive, sealant, primer and tape, with the EPDM membrane. It is imperative that the adhesive used has been selected by the membrane manufacturer or supplier, as these products have been tested. Not using the specified adhesive risks the warranty being invalid, as well as giving unknown performance.

EPDM Roofing Adhesives, Sealants, Primers & Tapes - Infographic

Application advice to ensure successful EPDM projects

Membrane adhesive application tips:

  • Prepare surfaces correctly before applying the product.
  • Always apply the specified coat-weight/coverage-rate evenly and ensure the correct working time is followed. This will allow for full bonding of the EPDM membrane to the substrate.
  • For adhesives containing solvent, the adhesive layer must be given time to allow the solvents to evaporate to prevent entrapment in the bond line.
  • Remember both temperature and relative humidity will affect the cure-rate of the adhesive. As a general rule, every 10°C increase in temperature reduces the reaction time by 50%.
  • The EPDM membrane should be fully consolidated to ensure sufficient contact. A 20kg water filled roller is recommended.

Membrane Adhesive Application Tips - Infographic

Once great care and attention has been used to waterproof the field areas, it is imperative that the same attention is applied to the detail areas. Securing the membrane to a vertical surface is often the most difficult and time-consuming part of installation.

Detail area application tips:

  • Only adhere ‘one membrane width’ at a time. This will ensure that the detail work can be completed within the working time of the adhesive.
  • Applying the recommended coat/coverage rate to both surfaces allows the solvents to evaporate and develop tack within the working time of the adhesive.
  • The bond line must be consolidated with a roller, as this is the only way to ensure the two adhesives layers are in full contact.

Detail Area Application Tips - Infographic

Tape application tips:

  • Using the H.B. Fuller EPDM tapes and accessories in combination with the H.B. Fuller primers will assure effective waterproofing on many of the EPDM membranes available on the market.
  • The entire surface where the tape will be applied must be cleaned and primed.
  • Apply the primer to a wider area then the actual bonding area to ensure complete coverage.
  • Once the primer is dry, immediately install the tape.

Tape Application Tips - Infographic

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