Insulation Adhesives

Flat roof insulation is of the main ways to reduce heat loss from properties and increase the building’s energy efficiency. There are a variety of insulation types available on the market, each having their own benefits. Ensuring that the correct adhesive for the chosen insulation type is used in the correct way will ensure the longevity of the roof.

Insulation Adhesives

Our insulation range consists of high-performance polyurethane adhesives, developed specifically for securely bonding a wide range of insulation boards to various roof deck/substrates. Numerous application systems are available to suit need and budget, including traditional tin-applied, cartridge-applied and spray-applied products.

Our moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesives are suitable for a variety of insulation products, including EPS, XPS and PIR boards, including tissue and foil-faced (to a porous surface), and are available as tin-applied or spray-applied products. Our two-component cartridge-applied PU is most suited for foil-to-foil bonding, and is also the best option for bonding porous materials such as mineral wool and Foamglas.

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Why Apollo Roofing?

Utilising our technical and chemistry expertise, with our onsite experience, enables us to create the insulation adhesive products you need to allow you to focus on what you do best; specifying and supplying roofing systems.

  • Supplying insulation adhesives in excess of 25 years.
  • 50-year history of developing PU technology.
  • First UK adhesive manufacturer to independently test for resistance to wind uplift.

Insulation Adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives created for securely bonding an array of insulation boards to various roof deck/substrates.

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