Liquid Applied Membranes

Liquid-applied membranes (LAMs) are one of the fastest growing sectors of the construction industry. LAM systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for flat roofing projects due to their versatility, durability, and reliability.

What are liquid-applied membranes?

LAMs are generally cold-applied, single-component roofing systems that cure to form a completely seamless and joint-free waterproof coating. They provide a hard-wearing and long-lasting waterproofing solution, even around complex details. Applied by brush or roller, they can conform to any shape. While they are a great choice for new build projects because of the long guarantees that systems offer, LAMs also are ideal for repair or refurbishment projects as are they compatible with a wide range of roof substrates.

Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing Systems

Apollo Roofing has been supplying single-component moisture-triggered polyurethane waterproofing systems in excess of 15 years.

Our PU liquid waterproofing system is a multi-layer system, consisting of a basecoat, an embedded glass fibre mat layer to reinforce the coating, and one or more topcoat layers. PU is already a very tough material on its own, but the reinforcement layer ensures the coating provides a hard-wearing and long-lasting waterproofing solution. Once cured, it forms a tough coating that is weatherproof and tolerant to extreme temperatures (-30°C to 80°C), water and chemicals. PU systems are able to withstand significant stress due to their elastomeric properties. Independent tests prove that systems can have a lifespan of 25+ years (dependant number of coats).

Our LAM systems:

  • BBA approved, with 20-25 year systems available.
  • Achieve a high-fire rating once installed (BROOF:T4).
  • Offer proven weathering properties.

Benefits of Liquid-Applied Membranes:

  • No hot works: Eliminates risk of fire to structure
  • Excellent substrate compatibility: Versatile
  • Seamless application: Reduces weak points
  • Up to 25-year life: Gives client peace of mind
  • Elastomeric properties: Accommodates movement
  • Fully reinforced: Prevents future cracking
  • No mixing onsite: Easy to apply
  • Conformability: Ideal for complex details

Apollo Roofing

Utilising our technical and chemistry expertise, with our onsite experience, enables us to create liquid applied membranes that offer durability, reliability and consistency. This leaves you able to focus on what you do best: specifying and supplying liquid waterproofing systems, for both new and refurbishment projects.

As well as LAM systems, we also offer a wide range of high-performance primers to improve the adhesion of the substrate you are working with for excellent results.

Technical Helpline: For any technical enquiries, please call 01827 54281 or email to speak with one of our dedicated team members.