RoofBond Spray-Applied Multi-Purpose Membrane Adhesive

Moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive, applied via pressurised canister system

Product benefits

  • Quick & professional application
  • Excellent weathering & aging
  • Reduces storage requirements


A multi-purpose MCPU contact adhesive, with a quick and simple application system (pressurised canister). Developed to reduce onsite time and cost, it will bond non-backed PVC membranes and fleece membranes to a wide range of roof substrates. The two-way stick application, as well as its low-foaming and high-tack properties make this adhesive ideal for both field and detail work. Being multi-purpose, it also reduces onsite storage requirements.

RoofBond Spray Multipurpose (1200w)


RoofBond Spray-Applied Multi Purpose Membrane Adhesive - Application Video

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