FleeceBond Spray-Applied Fleece Membrane Adhesive

Moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive, applied via pressurised canister system

Product benefits

  • Bonds fleece membranes quickly & professionally
  • Fast grab prevents membrane lifting
  • Controlled coverage minimises cost


A one-way stick MCPU canister adhesive, developed specifically for the professional and fast bonding of fleece membranes to a wide range of insulation boards, including PIR insulation board (tissue and foil-faced), XPS and EPS. The pressurised canister system also allows for an even application, reducing onsite time, cost and waste. Its accelerated curing time further reduces time onsite, whilst its fast-grab, non-foaming and spray application ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish. Ideal for large-scale fieldwork areas.

FleeceBond Spray-Applied (1200w)


FleeceBond Spray-Applied Fleece Membrane Adhesive - Application Video

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