MemBond Spray-Applied Bituminous Membrane Adhesive

Moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive, applied via pressurised canister system

Product benefits

  • Fast flame-free RBM installation
  • Spray minimises installation time
  • Reduces onsite time, cost & waste


A one-way stick MCPU canister adhesive, developed specifically for the fast and professional flame-free installation of RBM. It securely bonds bituminous membranes to an array of substrates, including a wide range of insulation boards, timber and metal. The pressurised canister system also allows for an even application, reducing onsite time, cost and waste. Its accelerated curing further reduces time onsite, whilst its high-strength and low-foaming properties ensure an aesthetically-pleasing finish.

MemBond Spray-Applied Bituminous (1200w)

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