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Wind Uplift

Wind Uplift Certified Adhesives

Apollo Roofing Solutions – the first roofing manufacturer to independently test adhesives for resistance to wind uplift pressure through the British Research Establishment (BRE).

At Apollo Roofing Solutions, we understand that your contractor needs peace of mind that the roof they lay is secure, even under extreme weather conditions. Wind uplift is a major concern to your contractor, which is why our adhesives are subjected to rigorous and independent testing at the BRE.

Apollo Roofing Solutions was the first adhesive manufacturer to independently test traditional roller-applied/bead-applied adhesives for resistance to wind uplift through the BRE. Our range of MCPU canister adhesives is the only canister adhesive range on the market to have been tested for resistance to wind uplift. The canister range is a result of your contractors’ demand for tough weatherproof bonds, a reduction in labour times and maximum convenience.

All adhesives supplied by Apollo Roofing Solutions and tested for wind uplift resistance significantly exceed requirements as given in BS EN 1991-1-4*.  Roofing systems were constructed with adhesives using methods specified in EOTA TR005**.


*BSI EN 1991-1-4 provides guidance for the structural design of buildings for wind.

**EOTA TR005 specifies the method for determining resistance to wind loads.