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UpStand Bond (A1091) Gel PU Adhesive

UpStand Bond (A1091) is a fast-curing gel polyurethane (PU) adhesive for bonding membranes to up-stand boards. It is compatible with a wide range of roofing substrates and has excellent gap-filling properties.

Securely bonds up-stand boards: it is a high-strength adhesive, with excellent weathering and aging properties
UpStand Bond (A1091) securely bonds up-stand boards to a range of vertical substrates. It is a high-strength gel PU adhesive, which has a strong initial grab and cures extremely quickly (30 minutes). UpStand Bond (A1091) has excellent weathering and aging properties, and is also both waterproof and chemical resistant.

Extremely versatile: it is compatible with a range of substrates and has excellent gap-filling properties
UpStand Bond (A1091) is extremely versatile; it is compatible with a range of roofing substrates, including wood, chipboard, polystyrene, mineral-wool, asphalt, concrete, brick, gypsum board and traditional porous substrates. Your contractor can use UpStand Bond (A1091) for bonding membrane to vertical joints, drainage pipes, skylights and aerators. It is also has excellent gap-filling properties due to its thixotropic consistency.

Reduces task-time: it is easily cartridge-applied and is both fast-tack and fast-cure
Time is money to your contractor; UpStand Bond (A1091) helps to reduce task-time because it is easy to apply, quickly and without mess. It has a thixotropic consistency and is supplied in a plastic cartridge with a nozzle. UpStand Bond (A1091) has a fast-tack (1-5 minutes) and fast-cure time (30 minutes), which helps to ensure that your contractor can move on to other tasks quickly.

Suitable for use on a wide range of buildings: solvent-free and non-flammable
Your contractor is under pressure to meet an increasing number of green initiatives. UpStand Bond (A1091) allows your contractor to meet these initiatives: it is solvent-free and non-flammable. This enables your contractor to use it on a wide range of buildings, including schools and hospitals.

Maximise contractor/building safety: it eliminates ‘hot works’ and is non-flammable
Many contractors are turning away from ‘hot works’ due to concerns over safety and rising insurance costs. UpStand Bond (A1091) maximises contractor/building safety because it is ‘cold-applied’. This eliminates the need for ‘hot works’ and ‘torch-on’ applications, which also helps to reduce costs. It is also safe to store onsite because it is a non-flammable product.

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