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RoofSeal (A5137) Solvent-Free Multipurpose Sealant

RoofSeal (A5137) is a complete problem solver - it bonds, seals and fills. A solvent-free multipurpose high-strength MS polymer, RoofSeal (A5137) cures to form a tough resilient compound with excellent weathering properties.

Complete problem solver: seals, bonds and fills
Your contractor has various small, yet essential tasks to complete when laying or repairing a roof. RoofSeal (A5137) is a complete problem solver – it eliminates the number of products your contractor needs to complete these various tasks. It will seal, bond and fill. RoofSeal (A5137) is suitable for sealing/filling metal and many other construction materials. It will also bond various substrates, including PVC, wood, concrete, brick, aluminium and stainless steel.

Creates a strong durable bond/seal: high-strength MS polymer
All roofs are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and your contractor needs to create a bond/seal that can withstand such conditions. RoofSeal (A5137) is a high-strength MS polymer, which has been specifically formulated for applications exposed to aggressive environments, including wind, rain and UV light. It also has excellent resistance to abrasions, oils and solvents.

Reduces the need for jobs to be postponed: suitable for use in damp conditions
Postponing jobs because of wet weather conditions can be costly for your contractor. RoofSeal (A5137) helps to reduce the number of jobs your contractor has to postpone because it is suitable for use on damp substrates. Many other sealants on the market struggle to provide a good adhesion in damp conditions. RoofSeal (A5137) also has a fast initial grip, which is beneficial in windy weather.

Easy and convenient to use: single-component, cartridge-applied product
Your contractor does not require specialist application equipment to apply RoofSeal (A5137). It is easily applied to even the trickiest joint or seal because it comes supplied in a simple-to-use cartridge, which features a nozzle. There is no mixing required and no priming is needed for most substrates. RoofSeal (A5137) also helps to simplify future tasks because it can be painted over easily.

Green credentials: solvent-free, non-hazardous and non-flammable
RoofSeal (A5137) allows your contractor to meet an increasing number of green initiatives: it is solvent-free, non-hazardous and non-flammable. This enables your contractor to use it on a wide range of buildings, including schools and hospitals. It also simplifies the task of transporting the product between sites by reducing the amount of paperwork necessary.

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