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RoofSeal Multipurpose Sealants

RoofSeal is a range of high-performance multipurpose roof sealers and sealants, including sealers for roof-lights, balconies and walkways, and sealants for joint/gap-filling. All have excellent weathering properties.

Multipurpose products:
Our RoofSeal sealers are designed to fulfil the required combination of functional and aesthetic requirements. Products include tough, clear sealers for roof-lights, balcony or walkways, and joint/gap filling sealants formulated to retain elasticity to easily withstand expansion, pedestrian traffic, weathering, UV and impact.

Ensure long-lasting solutions:
Failed roofing and balcony projects can be costly for your contractor. Our RoofSeal range helps to ensure successful and aesthetically-pleasing completed projects by protecting, sealing and enhancing the final details.

Help to reduce overall project time:
Time is money to your contractor. Our RoofSeal sealers exhibit fast-cure times. This helps to keep individual task time to a minimum, which enables your contractor to progress onto the next stage in the process quickly and reduce overall project time.

Work economically:
Our RoofSeal sealers are extremely economical due to excellent coverage rates. Please see Technical Data for product specific guidelines.

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