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RoofPrime (A5304 A/B) Epoxy Metal Primer

RoofPrime (A5304 A/B) promotes excellent adhesion between metallic substrates and liquid coatings. It is a two-component epoxy-based primer, which is ideal for roof projects with complex details or where substrate adhesion is impaired.

Reliable substrate adhesion: versatility and workability offers many advantages
RoofPrime (A5304 A/B) mitigates the required levels of preparation for metal roof details; it is a time-saver, as mechanical preparation is not necessary. RoofPrime (A5304 A/B) is compatible with various common metallic surfaces, including ferrous and non-ferrous. RoofPrime (A5304 A/B) promotes adhesion for Apollo Roofing Solutions coatings and also exhibits anti-corrosive properties.

Simplifies application tasks: it is easily brush-applied due to its low viscosity
Your contractor requires no application equipment to apply RoofPrime (A5304 A/B), which helps to reduce costs. It is easily applied to the surface of the roof deck with a brush or roller, depending on accessibility or detail type.

A problem-solver: excellent ancillary solution for your roofing projects
RoofPrime (A5304 A/B) is the ideal solution for both difficult-to-abrade complex roof details e.g. corrugated iron/I-beams, and also large areas.

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