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RoofBond (A1220 A/B) Multipurpose Adhesive

RoofBond (A1220 A/B) enables your contractor to securely bond insulation board, membrane and roofing felts to a wide range of different roof substrates. It is a multipurpose high-performance two-part polyurethane (PU) adhesive with excellent weathering properties.

Removes the need for multiple adhesives: it is an extremely versatile product
RoofBond (A1220 A/B) removes the need for multiple adhesives to be stored on site because it is an extremely versatile product. It will bond vapour control layer (VCL), insulation board (EPS, PU and PIR), bituminous felts and fleece-backed membranes (PVC and TPO) to a range of different roof decks. Typically, RoofBond will bond substrates to plywood, concrete, asphalt, bitumen, and various metals.

Reduces task time: it is a non-filled high-tack polyurethane adhesive
Time is money for your contractor. RoofBond (A1220 A/B) reduces task time and allows your contractor to lay down roofing systems quickly. It is easy to mix because it is a non-filled product and is simple to apply to the chosen substrate with a trowel/roller (100% bonded), or straight from the container in beads. The tackiness of RoofBond (A1220 A/B) prevents the board lifting from the substrate, which enables your contractor to move on to their next task in the shortest time possible.

Minimises project costs: it removes the need for specialist equipment
RoofBond (A1220 A/B) minimises project costs for your contractor because he/she does not require specialist equipment to apply the product. This significantly reduces capital investment requirements. RoofBond (A1220 A/B) further helps to minimise project costs by reducing task time and removing the need for your contractor to purchase several types of adhesive.

Protects contractor reputation: it promotes longevity of the roof
It is imperative that your contractor is able to lay down a longlasting roof in order to protect his/her reputation. RoofBond (A1220 A/B) promotes longevity of the roof because it forms a flexible resilient adhesive layer once cured. It is also chemical and water-resistant, which further helps to protect the roof. Using RoofBond (A1220 A/B) also reduces the need for intrusive and damaging mechanical fixings/fasteners.

Green initiatives and safety credentials: solvent-free, non-flammable and cold-applied (‘no hot works’)
Your contractor is under pressure to meet an increasing number of green initiatives and eliminate safety concerns. RoofBond (A1220 A/B) has been developed with this in mind. It eliminates the need for hot works because it is a cold-applied adhesive, which removes safety concerns and reduces costs. RoofBond A1220 A/B) is also solvent-free and non-flammable.

Notes: All diagrams are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to show a precise image of the product. All technical information on temperature and timings (text or icons) represent normal working conditions (based on 20°C temperature), and is provided as a guideline only.

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