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MemClean (A3684) Membrane Cleaner

MemClean (A3684) simplifies cleaning tasks. It is a multipurpose clear cleaner that effectively removes dirt and other contaminants to prepare membranes for heat/joint welding.

Ensures an excellent bond/weld: it effectively removes dirt and contaminants from roof membranes
MemClean (A3684) ensures an excellent bond/weld because it effectively removes debris and other contaminants from roof membranes. Certain weather conditions, such as high wind can mean jobs need to be postponed. Membranes exposed to weather for seven days can gather dust/debris, which can prevent a secure bond. Cleaning membranes with MemClean (A3684) before bonding/welding will remove such contamination.

Simplifies cleaning tasks: it is based on a mild solvent and is easily cloth-applied
Certain dirt and contaminants are difficult to remove. MemClean (A3684) is based on a mild solvent, which loosens dirt/contaminants. This simplifies cleaning tasks and reduces the need for heavy scrubbing, which can be tiring for your contractor. MemClean (A3684) is easily cloth applied across the surface of the membrane due to its low viscosity.

Multipurpose product: it is compatible with various types of membranes
Your contractor may be working with various types of membranes. MemClean (A3684) is a multipurpose product. It will remove dirt and other contaminants from a range of membranes, including PVC, TPE, TPO and EPDM. MemClean (A3684) can also be used as a general cleaner. This reduces the need for your contractor to store several cleaners.

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