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MemBond Membrane Adhesives

MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesives enable your contractor to adhere non-backed membranes (PVC, TPO and EPDM) to a wide range of roofing substrates. The range includes moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU), contact and water-based acrylic adhesives. Various application systems are available, from lever-lid/lug-lid tins, plastic pails and pressurised canisters.

High-performance, durable bonds:
MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesives have been developed to securely adhere non-backed membranes. Each MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesive is chemically formulated to take into account the unique properties of a specific type of non-backed membrane, e.g. PVC, TPO and EPDM. MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesives have undergone rigorous weathering tests and have exceeded independent tests for resistance to wind uplift through the BRE.

Convenience and speed:
MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesives give your contractor maximum convenience and speed. Various application systems are available and none of the products require mixing. MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesives are also fast-curing.

Minimal project costs:
MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesives enable your contractor to minimise project costs. Time onsite is cost to your contractor. MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesives reduce time onsite through fast application and fast cure times. The range also offers economical coverage rates to further minimise cost.

At Apollo Roofing Solutions, we are also aware of the pressure on your contractor to reduce the use of VOCs. Our Technical Department are committed to developing products with only minimal solvent or without solvent, including water-based options, where possible.

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