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InsuBond (A1399) MCPU Canister Adhesive

InsuBond (A1399) Moisture-Curing Polyurethane (MCPU) Canister Adhesive allows your contractor to apply insulation adhesive precisely and quickly. It is a pressurised canister system, which is suitable for the professional bonding of a wide range of insulation boards (PIR, EPS, XPS) to VCL or straight to deck.

Minimises time onsite: precise, fast and professional application 
InsuBond (A1399) allows your contractor to minimise time onsite. It is five times faster to apply than a standard hand-poured bead-applied MCPU insulation adhesive due to the pressurised canister system. InsuBond (A1399) covers up to one square metre of insulation board in as little as 2-3 seconds, whereas it can take up to 10 seconds with a standard adhesive. The pressurised canister system also ensures a more precise and professional application. InsuBond (A1399) cures much faster than a standard adhesive; in as little as 15 minutes in comparison to 30 minutes.

Reduces onsite cost: controlled bead size, eliminates wastage and economical coverage 

Apollo Roofing Solutions understands that overall ‘onsite cost’ is a key concern to your contractor, especially given the current economic climate. InsuBond (A1399) has been developed with this in mind. The pressurised canister system not only enables your contractor to apply adhesive quickly, it ensures a controlled bead size is laid down, which eliminates wastage. It has an economical coverage rate; one canister will cover up to 250m². Minimal adhesive is required to ensure a strong bond because InsuBond (A1399) is a one-way-stick product.

Ensures a smooth finish: high-grab controlled-foaming adhesive 
Some insulation adhesives developed to compensate for uneven roof deck can cause the insulation board to rise, which can lead to the costly and timely re-work of the roof. InsuBond (A1399) foams sufficiently to compensate for undulations, whilst its adhesive properties ensure that the insulation board stays flat/even. It foams and rises immediately to allow a high grab of the board, but it does not continue to rise once the board has been laid. This reduces the need for continual consolidation and re-work.

Minimises back pain: reduces bending and stooping due to 3m hose/applicator
Back pain is a common complaint of contractors, often caused by bending and stooping to apply hand-poured bead-applied adhesives. Such actions can cause labour-fatigue, which is not only incredibly uncomfortable for your contractor, but it can have a detrimental impact on their performance. Consequently, this can increase the amount of time it takes to complete projects and result in poor quality work. Repetitive bending and stooping can also cause permanent back problems. Your contractor is able to apply InsuBond (A1399) quickly and safely due to the 3m hose/applicator. It is also simple to carry onsite due to the handles featured on the outer packaging.

Benefits for onsite/storage: multipurpose solvent-free non-flammable system
Most contractors want one product for as many jobs as possible. InsuBond (A1399) allows your contractor to reduce the number of different insulation adhesives they require. It is compatible with a variety of insulation boards, including EPS, XPS and PIR (tissue and foil-faced*).

*Not suitable to bond two foil-faced substrates. It is recommended that Apollo (A1327 A/B) I used to bond two foil-faced substrates.
Notes: All diagrams are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to show a precise image of the product. All technical information on temperature and timings (text or icons) represent normal working conditions (based on 20°C temperature), and is provided as a guideline only.

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