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InsuBond (A1202 A/B) Twin-Pack Cartridge Adhesive

InsuBond (A1202 A/B) Twin-Pack Cartridge Insulation Adhesive enables your contractor to professionally and securely bond insulation board (PIR, EPS, XPS) to various roof substrates/deck, even at low temperatures. It is a solvent-free high-foaming polyurethane adhesive.

Minimises forced downtime: can be applied at low temperatures, even down to 0°C
Jobs are often postponed due to cold and/or damp weather conditions. InsuBond (A1202 A/B) minimises forced downtime because it can be applied at temperatures as low as 0°C, significantly lower than the minimum temperature requirement of 5°C for most standard roller-applied/bead-applied adhesives. The cure-time for InsuBond (A1202 A/B) at 0°C is approximately 30 minutes quicker than a standard rollerapplied/ bead-applied adhesive at 5°C. InsuBond (A1202 A/B) is also more tolerant of damp surfaces than most standard single-component PU adhesives. This is because it is a chemical-curing adhesive, whereas single-component adhesives are moisture-curing.

Cuts overall job time: faster curing than standard roller-applied/bead-applied adhesives
At Apollo, we are aware that time is money to your contractor. InsuBond (A1202 A/B) has been developed to help minimise overall job time by reducing the amount of time your contractor has to wait before moving from one task to the next. It is a fast-curing adhesive; it cures in as little as 10 minutes at 20°C - three times faster than a standard roller-applied/bead-applied adhesive (see graph below). This reduces task-time and allows your contractor to quickly move onto the next task in the process.

Reduces onsite errors: twin-pack cartridge-applied high-foaming PU adhesive
InsuBond (A1202 A/B) helps to significantly reduce onsite errors. The cartridge/gun-application method eliminates mixing (see image above) and ensures correct and precise application with less waste, when compared to a standard roller-applied/ bead-applied adhesive. It also prevents the roof having to be re-worked due to uneven roof deck. InsuBond (A1202 A/B) foams sufficiently to compensate for undulations of the roof deck, whilst its soft foam ensures that the insulation board stays flat/even for an aesthetically-pleasing finish.

Significantly exceeds approved wind uplift requirements: independently tested at BRE premises
Wind uplift is a major concern to most contractors. Our adhesives significantly exceed resistance to wind uplift. Roofing systems constructed with our adhesives were independently tested at BRE premises (to guidelines provided in BS EN 1991-1-1-4*). They achieved resistance figures of between -5000Pa and -5500Pa. Typical wind uplift pressure for flat roofing is -1000Pa in London and -2000Pa for Inverness. This gives our adhesives a safety factor of 5-5.5 for London and 2.5-2.75 for Inverness. And most importantly, it gives your contractor peace of mind. Our adhesives are the only adhesives to have undergone such rigorous testing.

*BSI EN 1991-1-4 provides guidance for the structural design of buildings for wind.

Notes: All diagrams are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to show a precise image of the product. All technical information on temperature and timings (text or icons) represent normal working conditions (based on 20°C temperature), and is provided as a guideline only.


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