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FleeceBond (A6805) Fleece-Backed Membrane Adhesive

FleeceBond (A6805) securely bonds single-ply membrane to plywood deck. It is a single-component water-based high-tack adhesive that helps your contractor meet the growing demand for a green solution to bonding single-ply membranes.

Securely bonds fleece-backed membrane to plywood deck: due to its strong initial grip and excellent adhesion properties
FleeceBond (A6805) securely bonds fleece-backed single-ply membrane to plywood deck due to its strong initial grip (high tack), which prevents the single-ply membrane from lifting and simplifies the laying process. The excellent adhesion properties of FleeceBond (A6805) ensure a strong and lasting bond between the fleece-backed single-ply membrane and plywood deck.

Green credentials: solvent-free, non-flammable and low-odour
Your contractor is under pressure to meet an increasing number of green initiatives. FleeceBond (A6805) allows your contractor to meet these initiatives because it is solvent-free, non-flammable and low-odour. This enables your contractor to use FleeceBond (A6805) on a wide range of buildings, including schools and hospitals. FleeceBond (A6805) is also more pleasant for your contractor to use than a solvent-based adhesive due to its low odour.

Minimises project costs: reduces task time, eliminates equipment investment and has a high coverage rate
FleeceBond (A6805) minimises project costs by reducing task-time and eliminating equipment investment. It is simple to apply with a lambs-wool roller because it is a single-component one-way stick adhesive. FleeceBond (A6805) also allows your contractor to move from one task to another quickly due to its initial high tack.

Protects contractor reputation: it promotes longevity of the roof
Your contractor knows the importance of laying a long-lasting roof in order to protect their reputation. FleeceBond (A6805) promotes longevity because it is elastomeric and durable. Using FleeceBond (A6805) also reduces the need for intrusive and damaging mechanical fixings/fasteners.

Maximises contractor/building safety: it eliminates ‘hot works’ and is a non-flammable product
Many contractors are turning away from ‘hot works’ due to concerns over safety and rising insurance costs. FleeceBond (A6805) maximises contractor/building safety because it eliminates the need for ‘hot works’, which also helps to reduce costs. FleeceBond (A6805) is also safe to store onsite because it is a non-flammable product.

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