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RoofPrime (A3994) Fast-Drying Canister Primer

Apollo RoofPrime (A3994) Fast Drying Canister Primer allows your contractor to improve the adhesion of various applications quickly, simply and professionally. It is ideal for use around flame-free areas and for torch-sensitive applications due to its quick drying time. With its fast drying time, RoofPrime (A3994) also helps to reduce the risk of torched-on application systems.

5x times faster to apply than a traditional roller-applied primer.
Time is money for your contractor and with the quick application speed of RoofPrime (A3994); your contractor will be able to complete the project in an efficient manner with reduced overall working time. It is up to five times quicker to apply than a standard roller-applied primer due to the spray-application system.

Reduces the requirement for hot-works when used with self adhesive membrane systems.
Many contractors are turning away from hot-works due to safety concerns and rising insurance costs. RoofPrime (A3994) improves contractor safety as it reduces the requirement of hot-works when used with self-adhesive membrane systems and is in line with leading industry initiatives.

Can be applied at temperatures as low as 5°C and will dry in as little as 5-10 minutes, extending possible working time.
RoofPrime (A3994) has fast drying time even in low temperatures, which helps your contractor to complete projects practically and efficiently.

Project trials prove excellent coverage rates of up to 250m²*per canister.
At Apollo Roofing Solutions, we understand that overall ‘onsite cost’ is a key concern to your contractor, especially given the current economic climate.  RoofPrime (A3994) has been developed with this in mind. RoofPrime (A3994) can give your contractor excellent coverage rates, up to 250m² per canister, making the product extremely economical. Wastage is also reduced due to the three-metre hose, which allows for professional and precise application.

Gun and hose are completely re-usable, unlike other canister products on the market.
With increasing project costs, your contractor can rely on the equipment for RoofPrime (A3994). The gun and hose of the canister are both completely re-usable and easy-to-clean, ensuring there are minimum equipment costs.

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