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MemBond (A3931) Canister Adhesive

MemBond (A3931) is a fast-tack canister adhesive, specifically developed for bonding non-backed EPDM and TPO membrane to various roofing substrates, including brick, insulation board and plywood. It meets your contractor’s demand for a fast-tack detailing adhesive, with a quick and simple application system.

Securely bonds EPDM and TPO membrane: developed specifically for non-backed EPDM
EPDM and TPO membrane are low-energy substrates, which are renowned for being difficult to bond. When adhering EPDM and TPO to detail work, your contractor requires peace of mind that the adhesive will create a secure and lasting bond. MemBond (A3931) ensures excellent adhesion because it has been specifically developed for the purpose of bonding such substrates. It is chemically formulated to create a permanent bond.

Fast, simple and professional: spray application, fast-tack adhesive
Time is money to your contractor; MemBond (A3931) minimises the time it takes to complete detail work due to its fast application and fast tack. Tests show that MemBond (A3931) is up to 8x faster to apply than a brush-applied adhesive. During tests, it took up to nine seconds to apply MemBond (A3931) to 1m², whereas it took one minute and fifteen seconds to apply a similar brush-applied adhesive. MemBond (A3931) also developed tack 4x times faster than the brush-applied adhesive; in as little as four minutes in comparison to twelve minutes. The spray application also ensures minimal wastage, which helps to keep costs down.

Aesthetically-pleasing results: spray application, reduced operator fatigue
Your contractor’s reputation is not only reliant on ensuring a strong and secure bond. The quality and aesthetics of a project are also important. MemBond (A3931) ensures aesthetically-pleasing results. Its spray application enables your contractor to easily apply an even coat of adhesive, allowing for a smooth finish. This is more difficult with a brush-applied product. The spray-gun and wand also reduce operator-fatigue, whereas a brush-applied product requires a lot of bending and stooping. Reducing operator-fatigue is essential to ensuring consistently great results.

Notes: All diagrams are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to show a precise image of the product. All technical information on temperature and timings (text or icons) represent normal working conditions (based on 20°C temperature), and is provided as a guideline only.

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