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Single-Ply PVC

Apollo Roofing Solutions supplies specialist adhesive products that allow your contractor to successfully complete single-ply PVC roofing projects. Our adhesives have been developed by our expert Technical Department for specifically adhering non-backed and fleece-backed PVC membrane. The range also includes high-performance insulation adhesives, up-stand adhesives, as well as professional roof sealants, primers and cleaners.

RoofBond Multipurpose Roofing Adhesives
Polyurethane adhesives and MCPU adhesives for a wide range of applications, including adhering non-backed PVC membrane and fleece-backed PVC membrane. The product range includes twin-pack cartridges and the only MCPU canister on the market to bond non-backed PVC.

FleeceBond Fleece-Backed Membrane Adhesives
MCPU adhesives and water-based acrylic adhesives for adhering fleece-backed membranes, including fleece-backed PVC membrane.

MemBond Non-Backed Membrane Adhesives
Contact adhesives for adhering non-backed membranes, including non-backed PVC membrane.

InsuBond Insulation Adhesives
MCPU adhesives for bonding insulation board, including EPS, XPS and PIR (tissue & foil-faced). Also consists of bead-applied pressurised canister systems.

UpStand Bond Up-stand Adhesive
Gel polyurethane adhesive for a range of roofing applications, including adhering up-stands and other detail work (vertical joints, drainage, pipes, skylights and aerators).

RoofSeal Roof Sealant
Multipurpose high-strength roof sealant for sealing, bonding and filling. Compatible with many construction materials.

RoofPrime Roof Primers
Roof primers, including fast-cure PU primers for priming a wide range of different roof deck/substrates.

MemClean Membrane Cleaner
Membrane cleaner for effectively removing dirt and other contaminants from a wide range of membranes, including PVC.