Apollo Roofing Solutions, UK manufacturer of adhesives, liquid coatings, sealants and primers for roofing system suppliers

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Balcony Waterproofing & Surfacing

Apollo Roofing Solutions supplies high-performance, cold liquid-applied, fast-curing waterproofing and surfacing systems and ancillary products. Our systems are based on advanced polyurethane chemistry and allow your contractor to successfully surface all walkway, balcony and terrace applications, including high public-usage areas:

  • Decks over occupied premises
  • Cantilevered decks
  • Inverted build-ups/beneath coverings
  • Stairs and stairwells

Balcony Waterproofing and Surfacing
Single-component, cold liquid-applied, fully-reinforced waterproofing systems designed to provide long-term value to your balcony or walkway project.

RoofPrime Roof Primers
Roof primers, comprising of fast-cure PU primers for priming a wide range of different roof substrates, including the overlay of asphalt, felt and various single-ply membranes.

MemClean Membrane Cleaner
Membrane cleaner for effectively removing dirt and other contaminants from a wide range of  membranes, including EPDM.