Apollo Roofing Solutions, UK manufacturer of adhesives, liquid coatings, sealants and primers for roofing system suppliers

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Single-Ply EPDM

Single-Ply TPO

Single-Ply PVC

Felt & Bituminous Felt

Liquid Roof Waterproofing

Balcony Waterproofing & Surfacing

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InsuBond Insulation Adhesives

InsuBond (A9331) Solvent-Free Insulation Adhesive

InsuBond (A9900) Insulation Adhesive

InsuBond (A1202 A/B) Twin-Pack Cartridge Adhesive

InsuBond (A1399) MCPU Canister Adhesive

FleeceBond Membrane Adhesives

FleeceBond (A1215) Fleece-Backed Membrane Adhesive

FleeceBond (A9732) Fleece-Backed Membrane Adhesive

FleeceBond (A6805) Fleece-Backed Membrane Adhesive

MemBond Membrane Adhesives

MemBond (A3353) Non-Backed Membrane Adhesive

MemBond (A3874) Non-Backed Membrane Adhesive

MemBond (A6823) Non-Backed Membrane Adhesive

RoofBond Multipurpose Adhesives

RoofBond (A1220 A/B) Multipurpose Adhesive

Canister Roofing Adhesives & Primers

InsuBond (A1399) MCPU Canister Adhesive

FleeceBond (A1270) MCPU Canister Adhesive

RoofBond (A1297) MCPU Canister Adhesive

MemBond (A3931) Canister Adhesive

RoofPrime (A3994) Fast-Drying Canister Primer

UpStand Bond (A1091) Gel PU Adhesive

Single-Component PU Balcony Waterproofing & Surfacing System

Single-Component PU Liquid Waterproofing System

RoofSeal Multipurpose Sealants

RoofSeal (A5137) Solvent-Free Multipurpose Sealant

RoofSeal (A1181) Clear Roof Sealer

RoofPrime Roof Primers

RoofPrime (A1284) Re-Activation PU Primer

RoofPrime (A1178) Fast-Cure PU Primer

RoofPrime (A3927) Fast Drying Synthetic Primer

RoofPrime (A3890) Fast-Cure PVC Primer

RoofPrime (A3969) Fast-Cure Primer

RoofPrime (A9926 A/B) Epoxy Metal Primer

RoofPrime (A3994) Fast-Drying Canister Primer

MemClean (A3684) Membrane Cleaner

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Apollo Wins Tamworth Chamber Business of the Year Award 2017

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Apollo Nominated for 2017 Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Manufacturing Award

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