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Single-Component PU Liquid Waterproofing System

Apollo Single-Component Moisture-Triggered Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing system (A1421/A1422) is a hard-wearing, fully reinforced system that can be laid in most climatic conditions. It is a safe roofing system that is cold applied with no hot-works.

Extremely versatile: Suitable for most building structures with excellent adhesion
The Apollo Single-Component Moisture-Triggered Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing System can be installed to most substrates including asphalt, timber, concrete ,metal and felt. It is suitable for existing single-ply roofs when used with a suitable primer and is ideal for both new-build and refurbishment projects. Due to its low odour characteristics, the system can be specified for most types of projects, including those with high public usage, such as hospitals, schools and offices.

Minimises project time and cost: suitable for overlay, single-component PU, fast cure
At Apollo, we understand that your contractor needs to minimise the time, cost and disruption associated with the refurbishment of occupied buildings. The Apollo Single-Component Moisture-Triggered Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing Systems is suitable for overlaying an existing membrane which eliminates the timely and costly exercise of removing old substrates. The risk of mixing errors onsite is also removed as it is a single-component ready-to-use system.

Safe Roofing System: Cold applied with NO hot works
Apollo’s Single-Component Moisture-Triggered PU Liquid Waterproofing System can be quickly and easily applied to existing roof surfaces especially around the details. The system is cold applied and does not require any hot works eliminating the risk of fire making it a safe roofing system. It is fully reinforced to increase strength and durability and is resistant to rainfall within 2 hours of installation. The reinforced waterproofing layer ensures exceptional tensile strength and long-lasting resistance to structural movement, cracking and flexural fatigue in high-risk areas, such as joints and upstands. This provides peace of mind for the end-client and protects your contractor’s reputation. Independent tests show that this system is Fire resistant: Broof (t4).

Reduces costly downtime: can be laid in most climatic conditions
Apollo understands that adverse climatic conditions affect your contractor’s ability to lay roofing systems, which can result in costly downtime. The Apollo Single-Component Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing System helps  to reduce downtime; it can be laid in most climatic conditions, including temperatures as low as 5°C. This helps to ensure work can continue even during cooler months, reducing downtime and project costs. The system is able to withstand significant stress due to its elastomeric properties and is tolerant to extreme temperatures (-30 to 70 C).

Aesthetically-pleasing system
Aesthetics are a key concern for any professional contractor. The Apollo Single-Component Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing System ensures a good reputation amongst their customer base allowing them to provide a seamless and joint-free roof with aesthetically-pleasing results.

Notes: All diagrams are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to show a precise image of the product. All technical information on temperature and timings (text or icons) represent normal working conditions (based on 20°C temperature), and is provided as a guideline only.

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