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Canister Roofing Adhesives

Apollo Roofing Canister Adhesives allow your contractor to bond insulation and membrane (fleece-backed & non-backed) simply and professionally. The range consists of high-performance MCPU and contact adhesives to suit specific application requirements. Canister adhesives offer many benefits over traditional bead/roller-applied adhesives, including speed and precision.

Professional and precise application:
Your contractor is able to apply adhesive precisely and professionally with the pressurised canister system. It reduces the risk of poor application and expensive re-work of the roof, when compared to standard bead-applied/roller-applied adhesives.

Faster application and cure/drying times:
Time is money to your contractor. The Apollo Roofing Canister Adhesives are up to four times faster to apply and faster curing/drying than standard bead-applied/roller-applied adhesives.

Economical coverage rates:
All of the adhesives within the range have been developed to give an economical coverage rate, with products in the range covering up to 350m².

Reduces waste:
It can be difficult for your contractor to apply the required amount of adhesive with standard bead-applied/roller-applied adhesives. The pressurised canister system gives your contractor much more control over the amount of adhesive they wish to apply, which reduces wastage.

Minimises back pain:
Many contractors complain of back pain due to stooping to apply adhesive. This can lead to poor performance and permanent back problems. Apollo Roofing Canister Adhesives eliminate repetitive bending and stooping because adhesive is applied via a 3m hose/applicator, which allows your contractor to apply insulation/membrane quickly and safely.

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